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Trading made easy.

What we do.

We’re specialized in providing all types of business solutions to those who are already working with Chinese manufacturers and to those who are looking to start.

  • No language barriers – Nothing gets lost in translation
  • Local market quotes – Buy at the same prices as Chinese customers
  • Personalized Service – Business owners talking to Business owners
  • Quality Control – We visit manufacturers and suppliers for you
  • Product Image & Video – Have them before your product arrives to you
  • Privacy – We keep your projects private


And we’ll take care of the rest. Purchasing, picking, packing, shipping and reporting to you.

We created Easymade based on the solutions we had to develop for ourselves while living in China. These took an enormous amount of time and networking, which we decided to put together and share with the rest of the world. We’re an international team solely focused on businesses overseas and our goal is to help developing their projects smoothly and having their investments well taken care of.


“Easymade provided us with a fast and reliable solution when we were looking for our high-end streaming equipment. We have a stable and long-term partnership with a very professional manufacturer in Shenzhen, China since 2013. We are protected by supplier agreements, purchases always go smoothly and without any problems.”

“We run a niche business that requires specific knowledge when it comes to completing purchases, packaging and shipping. Easymade was able to provide us with the patience and resources that we need to provide the quality of products we sell. In addition, our sales improved thanks to good customer feedback based on delivery time.”

“Thanks to Easymade we were able to design our product from scratch, being able to customize every single aspect of it. From tiny details, accessories up to package design. We were also guided through the whole process and never had to ask anything twice, even more, they helped us testing our product exhaustively and we always had positive results.”




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