Welcome to EasyMade! 

After years of preparations and hard work, we are very excited to announce we are already working and providing services. For the last few months, we transitioned from a few dropshipping stores run by ourselves while we took care of a handful of customers, to receiving new members from different continents into our family and providing a serious, trustworthy and reliable sourcing agent and web store design service, unlike any others. 

Just like many people who need to source and ship their products from China, we do struggle and work hard, on a daily basis, without any rest, even on holidays, we’re at it… but not because we have to but because we love doing this, we love providing solutions. 

Besides our web design, sourcing and shipping services, we offer several perks to those who move forward and work with us, such as

  • Product Following for all customers
  • Access to trending products in China before they are made available on the Western marketplaces 
  • A variety of shipping options for different shipping companies
  • Access to the thriving Vietnamese Market

More and more services will be available as we move forward. We are a small team of people who want to grow our business by helping others grow theirs. 

We are looking forward to working with you. 

All the best

Alex Sambrano


EasyMade Business Solutions