ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Is the system we use to automate the fulfillment of a store’s purchase orders. It connects directly to your store and notifies us of each and every single purchase order you get, together with your customer’s shipping information, email, and phone number, just like they filled it when they bought something at your store.
It also provides us with a virtual warehouse system that allows us to treat each one of your store’s SKUs individually and complete it with customs declaration information, the price we bought it locally, and the supplier link that we use to purchase directly without the need to further contact a seller every time we get an order.
It also allows us to create purchase orders for our clients to see exactly what they’re purchasing every time they have a batch of orders to fulfill.

Our preferred ERP is “Dianxiaomi” but there are about 100 others that can also do the same job. We prefer this one because it’s the most versatile, it updates very often and it has the biggest knowledge base.