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Easymade Dropshipping FAQs2022-05-31T05:08:58+00:00
What is ERP and how does it work?2021-10-04T08:34:39+00:00

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Is the system we use to automate the fulfillment of a store’s purchase orders. It connects directly to your store and notifies us of each and every single purchase order you get, together with your customer’s shipping information, email, and phone number, just like they filled it when they bought something at your store.
It also provides us with a virtual warehouse system that allows us to treat each one of your store’s SKUs individually and complete it with customs declaration information, the price we bought it locally, and the supplier link that we use to purchase directly without the need to further contact a seller every time we get an order.
It also allows us to create purchase orders for our clients to see exactly what they’re purchasing every time they have a batch of orders to fulfill.

Our preferred ERP is “Dianxiaomi” but there are about 100 others that can also do the same job. We prefer this one because it’s the most versatile, it updates very often and it has the biggest knowledge base.

What are your delivery times?2021-10-04T06:52:58+00:00

6-15 days to Europe/UK
10-15 days to USA (sometimes 20 days, depending on the location)
6-12 days to Australia/New Zealand

(Via Yunexpress or Yanwen)
(Epacket takes longer but reaches more countries)

We can reduce delivery times if you choose DHL.

Please contact us, we’ll be glad to show you tracking numbers of the lasts orders we’ve shipped, so you can check our delivery times.

Does COVID-19 Affect your Shipping times?2021-10-04T06:24:17+00:00

It doesn’t. Though the outbreak in early 2020 and the recent September 2021 outbreak in Xiamen (where our HQ is located) affected us, it didn’t stop us from providing service. Shipping remains active and working as usual.

Can we do a test order first?2021-10-04T06:49:02+00:00

Of course! We encourage everyone to test the products they’re selling before they actually advertise them.

We’ll perform a test order by using the same shipping line we chose when we source the product, so you can see the shipping times and costs yourself and also see for yourself what is that you are selling.

What are your preferred payment methods?2021-10-04T06:47:08+00:00

Wise (formerly known as Transferwise)
Payoneer (a little slower and higher fees than Wise)
Paypal (only for test orders)
Skrill (coming soon)
Crypto (we love it, but please contact us first)

How Does Easymade Work With Dropshipping?2021-10-04T06:07:49+00:00

We connect with Stores and provide fulfillment services to them. These include product sourcing, purchasing, picking, packing, and shipping to their respective customers based on the information we receive from each individual purchase order.

Please refer to the other sections in this FAQs to know in more detail how sourcing and shipping work.

I don’t have a store. Can I still work with you?2021-10-04T06:20:40+00:00

If you’re selling on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, we can also help you. Contact Us.

I work with Aliexpress. Can you find me the same product?2021-10-04T06:22:28+00:00

Of course we can, and we will. All products that you see on Aliexpress can be found in the Chinese Market (At a better price).

What is “Processing Time”?2022-02-08T11:27:12+00:00

Processing includes purchasing items for our clients, receiving them, checking they’re in shape and functioning (not broken) repacking, and shipping them out. It normally takes 2 to 3 days to receive a product from the moment we purchase it until it arrives at our warehouse. Once it’s here, we process the order and after it’s shipped, your clients get automatically notified through the confirmation email you’ve set up within your store.

Processing time takes 3 to 5 business days, depending on the location of the supplier, and the time it takes to arrive here.

However, if you stock with us, we reduce the processing time to one business day, which means your order is shipped the next morning after you receive the purchase order.

What is a Virtual Warehouse?2022-02-08T11:33:24+00:00

The Virtual warehouse is the tool we use to keep track of all the items in your store. Each item that you sell has its own unique SKU which we use to identify it, together with its variants, images, link to your store, weight, customs declaration, price, and the link to the supplier we’ve found for you.

Where are you located?2021-10-04T06:14:31+00:00

Our Headquarters is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, in the southeast of the People’s Republic of China. We also have two branches, one in Elblag, Poland, and another in Paraná, Argentina.

Do you have an MOQ?2021-10-04T06:10:40+00:00

No, we don’t. We started from scratch and we support businesses who are just starting as well.

Keep in mind, however, that after 30 days without orders, we will charge you a small monthly maintenance fee. Our system has limited space and we prioritize active stores.

Are you Chinese?2021-10-04T06:12:39+00:00

No, we are not. However, we are a multinational and multicultural team that has Chinese members.

How long have you been in business?2021-10-04T06:15:34+00:00

Since 2019.

Do you work with Epacket?2021-10-04T07:09:38+00:00

Yes we do. However we only use it for remote areas and/or areas where only Epacket can reach. There are faster and more affordable lines to most parts of the world.

How do I start working with Easymade?2021-10-04T08:25:12+00:00

First, Contact Us and tell us about you, your store, and the products you want us to source for you.

Once we agree to start working together, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Pay the Set-Up Fee.

2. Synchronize your store with our ERP system.
(Shopify) Download the “Dianxiaomi” app and install it on your store. Create a staff user at your store for us. We’ll only need access to your store’s orders and apps, nothing else.
(Woocommerce) Contact us and we’ll help you set it up.

3. Check your email inbox, by then we’ll send you an email for you to confirm your username and set up a new password in our Client Area.

4. Focus on Sales, we’ll do the rest :)


Any hidden fees I should know about?2021-10-04T06:44:52+00:00

No. Not at all. Please refer to our Pricing and Fees FAQ, all our fees are included there.

How Can I Book a Call With You?2021-10-04T06:19:08+00:00

Please fill in our Dropshipping Inquiry Form or leave us a message through our Contact Form, and we’ll get in touch with you.

Which shipping lines do you work with?2021-10-04T06:54:30+00:00

We work with over 200 shipping lines, each one for different types of products (i.e. electronics) or countries.

Some of the companies we work with are YunExpress, Yanwen, DHL, Cainiao, 4PX, etc.

*The fees mentioned in these FAQs are for dropshipping. They do not apply to bulk purchases. Please contact us via our contact form about a quotation for larger orders*


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