Frequently Asked Questions About our Shipping Methods

What is “Processing Time”?


Processing includes purchasing items for our clients, receiving them, checking they're in shape and functioning (not broken) repacking, and shipping them out. It normally takes 2 to 3 days to [...]

What is “Processing Time”?2022-02-08T11:27:12+00:00

Do you work with Epacket?


Yes we do. However we only use it for remote areas and/or areas where only Epacket can reach. There are faster and more affordable lines to most parts of the [...]

Do you work with Epacket?2021-10-04T07:09:38+00:00

Which shipping lines do you work with?


We work with over 200 shipping lines, each one for different types of products (i.e. electronics) or countries. Some of the companies we work with are YunExpress, Yanwen, DHL, Cainiao, [...]

Which shipping lines do you work with?2021-10-04T06:54:30+00:00

What are your delivery times?


6-15 days to Europe/UK 10-15 days to USA (sometimes 20 days, depending on the location) 6-12 days to Australia/New Zealand (Via Yunexpress or Yanwen) (Epacket takes longer but reaches more [...]

What are your delivery times?2021-10-04T06:52:58+00:00

Does COVID-19 Affect your Shipping times?


It doesn't. Though the outbreak in early 2020 and the recent September 2021 outbreak in Xiamen (where our HQ is located) affected us, it didn't stop us from providing service. [...]

Does COVID-19 Affect your Shipping times?2021-10-04T06:24:17+00:00


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