Our Pricing

We price our services according to our client’s needs. These range from simple Dropshipping plans, to having your own office in China while taking care of every link of the supply chain, from the manufacturers in China all the way to your warehouse in your country.

Please continue reading below this chart to find out more.

  Dropshipper  Business Development Enterprise
      Unlimited Sourcing Requests
  Product Sampling & Testing Product Sampling & Testing Your Company’s Office In China
  Shipping Line Integration Tailored Business Plan Total Supply Chain Control
  ERP Integration. Your Store Connected to the shipping lines. NDA Agreement-Ready.
Protect Your Product
Dropshipper and Business Development Plans Included
  No MOQ Low Costs based on MOQ Hong Kong Company Registry
  Multi-Store Integration OEM Product & Package Design Hong Kong Company Management
  Warehousing*(2) Warehousing *(2) Factory Visits & Quality Control *(5)
  One-Day Processing Time*(3) Dropshipper Plan Included Product Consolidation and Palletization
  Shipping Supplies Included*(4) Amazon FBA-Ready Dedicated Multilingual Team
  OEM – Product / Package  Customization 24/7 Assistance, Weekly Calls 24/7 Total Assistance
  Product Photography Included*(6) Product Photography Included*(6) DHL/FEDEX Discounts
  ° Quality Control *(5) More Payment Options
US$ 50/mo
US$ 500/year
US$ 100/mo
US$ 1000/year
US$ 400/mo
US$ 4000/year






How Does Our Pricing and Commissions Work?

We don’t overcharge products, or shipping. We charge commissions for each package that we ship, based on its weight.

Consultation Call:

Set up fee (for dropshipping): US$100 , one time payment

Sourcing fee:

A Sourcing Request is every single product you ask Easymade to find for you. A limited amount of are included in all plans except Enterprise. Each request exceeding the amount included in the plan has a cost.

US$10 for Each product we find.
US$90 for ten product sourcing request package.
US$180 for twenty product sourcing request package.

Sourcing requests take time and negotiation with the suppliers. We find manufacturers and distributors based on price, customer feedback, quality of service, and response time.

Each sourcing request includes the following information which we will provide to you:

For Dropshipping
-Product Cost
-Local shipping cost (from the supplier to our warehouse)
-Product Weight
-Product Variants
-Shipping Cost based on Weight and country
-Processing Time
-Delivery Time
-Shipping Line
-Easymade Commission
-Total Shipping cost (product+shipping+commission)

For other types of trade, the terms are less complex but completion of the deals is.

Shipping Fees for Dropshipping:

Shipping fees are calculated after shipping and need to be paid within 72 hours of being shipped or they’re returned.

Shipping Credits can also be pre-charged.

We charge a small commission per each package we send.

Shipping Commissions:

– US$ 1 for packages up to 150g
– US$ 2 for packages from 150g to 400g
– US$ 3 for packages of 400g – 1000g
– US$4 for packages of 1000g -1500g
– US$5 for packages of 1500g and above

(+US$1 for kitting)

(We provide discounts for clients who bring over 1000 monthly orders)

Our commissions and invoices we send you will be notified to you by our system via email.

Warehousing Fees:

Dropshipping plans include two types of warehousing
1) Limited Warehousing:
Only up to 20 units of no more than 20x20x20cm each.

2) Free warehousing (up to 100 units of no more than 20x20x20cm each, per month)

If you are keeping units in our warehouse past 30 days, we’ll charge you a monthly US$50 warehouse fee.

US$ 100/month: >100 units (over 20x20x20cm)
US$200/Month: 200 units and above

How to pay?

Wise (Formerly known as transferwise) (Recommended, faster payment lower fees)
Wire Transfer
Crypto (USDT is preferred, please consult for other currencies/tokens)

*Sourcing Requests: A sourcing request is when we’re asked to find a product. This includes finding a reputable supplier who has your product in stock, can deliver in time and is able to offer certain variables, not only of the product but also user manuals and packaging in english.
*(2) Warehousing: Stock moving in and out of our warehouse shows that our clients businesses are doing well. We offer different options according to the volume that is traded by each one of them.
Limited warehousing is up to 50 units of any product of no more than 20x20x20cm, free of charge.
Free warehousing is for 100 units of any product up to 20x20x20cm, for 30 days. Consult with us for warehousing fees if you manage larger volumes.
*(3) Processing Time. Processing time is the amount of time that a product takes from the manufacturer/retailer up to when it leaves our warehouse and gets shipped abroad.
*(4) Shipping Supplies: Bags, bubble wrap, labels.
*(5) Quality Control and factory visits costs and fees are not included in the monthly plans.
*(6) Product photography includes one high-resolution frontal image with white background of each product you process through us.