Refunds & Returns

Read this carefully before generating a Drop shipping service contract with EasyMade Business Solutions.

Refunds and Returns – Drop Shipping Services

Around 1% to 3% of all packages sent might have problems such as broken during shipping and handling, wrong items, items not as described, defective, wrong address, dishonest claims, or lost by the post office. EasyMade does not take responsibility for receiving the wrong address of a customer, nor for agreeing to ship a product that wasn’t properly and thoroughly chosen by our clients. We perform quality checks for the products that come here however details such as small misplaced stitches in clothing pieces or a small scratch in a fashion jewelry piece might not catch our attention at the time of the check, especially if your orders are many.

In case of any of the issues listed above appear, EasyMade will need pictures or videos of the damage or defective goods along with a clear description of the problem and the product next to the package it was sent to. Defective product pictures are easy to find online and some customers might use them to make false claims.

Since we are a fulfillment agent, when it comes to dropshipping, we care for proper stock management and proper processing and shipping within the stipulated times. Refunds can be done for the shipping fees, and not the product costs, since we make sure the products arrive and leave our warehouse in proper condition.

As soon as evidence is verified by us, a Reshipment and/or a refund shall be arranged within 24 hours. Each case shall be individually looked into and dealt with.

Any claims for after-sale issues such as misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 7 (seven) days after the product is received. We won’t offer a full refund or exchange for orders delivery for over 1 month. In exchange, the customer shall pay for the shipping fee to return (return the product to the factory) and resend. EasyMade thoroughly checks all goods and their quality before dispatching, therefore it will not take responsibility for damage that the shipped goods might suffer during international shipping. To cover for this, EasyMade offers shipping insurance, which fees are calculated on the type of goods to be shipped.

Reshipping cost
EasyMade will cover the reshipping cost or refund of the shipping fees only in cases when items have arrived in damaged condition, post-confirmation of the customer’s claim.

Refund: EasyMade shall refund the cost of the shipping fees in case the customer’s claims have been proven to be true, or the package has been lost or damaged during shipping. EasyMade shall refund the cost of the product if it has been damaged during its shipping within China.

Keep in Mind:
All products are made to orders, and personalized products can not be returned due to their customized elements unless there is an issue with the quality of the product. In this case, please return it to us and we will either replace the product or give you a refund if the supplier itself can give us a refund on the product– in this circumstance we will also refund you for the shipping cost.

Sometimes customers may complain about the product they ordered not arriving at their destination. We kindly ask you to tell them to check their front door or mailbox.

Sometimes the package could be lost because someone stole it, in some countries, this can happen. Many customers have CCTV cameras on the front doors, please ask them to check it.

Some customers could lie to you after receiving the goods, asking for a refund.

Contact us with custom service online or email to if you have questions regarding faulty goods or claims for refunds and returns.

Refunds and Returns – Web Services

EasyMade Business Solutions will not take any responsibility for the customer’s mishandling or misuse of our web services; Store design, website design, and management. Likewise, EasyMade commits itself to safeguard our customer’s privacy and safety online and shall not use any of the customer’s personal or business information for any activity that does not concern the provided service, nor apply to international law. EasyMade and its members reserve themselves the right of stopping any of its services at once if it suspects they are being used for illegal or fraudulent activities of any kind. In such case, no refund shall be provided.

EasyMade offers from two to three store reviews in which the customer shall ask for changes in design and infrastructure, depending on the plan purchased by the customer. Once those reviews have been done, the customer can make a refund claim, however, once the store has been finished and proven to work correctly and according to the contract provided by EasyMade, the set-up fee and monthly fee cannot be included in the refund. Instead, the customer can choose to stop paying for the chosen plan.

In case the customer chooses to cease payment for the plan/s chosen, the web hosting and web store services included will be interrupted and the designed store will not be returned to the customer. In order to achieve this, the customer shall pay a fee to EasyMade, which amount shall be set according to the chosen plan and the time the contract lasted, which is undisclosed until such dispute reaches an agreement.
The customer is free to keep his web domain since it is not the property of EasyMade.

Contact us with custom service online or email to if you have questions regarding faulty goods or claims for refunds and returns.